6 simple rules how to find man of your dreams

11/28/2016 - 21:04
6 simple rules how to find man of your dreams

Why do some women literally bathed by the men's attention, while others can sit for months on dating sites, but did not go to any one real date? In the way of answering this question, psychologists have found that all the problems are only in our heads. Optionally be beautiful with model parameters, to drive crazy the opposite sex. In order to find the man of her dreams, simply follow six simple rules.

Forget about the past

Try to let go of your past and forget about old grievances. We both know that is really hard, and we both know that it is better. Every man is a certain amount of experience, which may not make you happy, but certainly added to you wisdom.

Articulate your desires

Decide on a set of qualities that should have a perfect man. For some it will be a sense of humor, generosity and ability to meet you in conflict situations. And someone who likes men and athletic dreams that he could cook better than Jamie Oliver. Try as carefully as possible to submit their future partner. If you like a certain type of appearance, it is not shameful to be put on the screen saver on the phone a favorite actor or singer. Visualize your dreams, often imagine how you would like to look after you began or where could pass your perfect first date. The more clearly you specify your desires, the more the universe will respond to your request.

You can do everything, but only if you believe in yourself

Love yourself

Before you utter the phrase "I love you", learn how to say the word "I" - this approach to life really works, because people who do not respect your own identity and consider them to mediocrity, are unlikely to attract the attention of a decent man, able to build a healthy relationship. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. And if even a couple of extra pounds you still cannot do it, at least try to begin to deal with yours shortcomings and complexes. The shortcomings that you see in yourself, probably, those are only on your subjective opinion. Do not forget: for every product there is a buyer. Many men, by the way, are considered feminine form far more attractive than the figure of athletic build.

Work with yourself

Imagine a woman may be interested in a man of your dreams, and just become her. If you want your future husband was a top manager of the oil company, in this case in your wardrobe There are no dresses, not to mention the high-heeled shoes, then rely on the fact that a potential prince on a white horse, see you on the street, make out the girl in the sports hoodie and hastily climbed into the tail hair woman of your dreams, it is hardly necessary. Be objective: if you want to meet the perfect man, make sure that he could not pass you by.

Charming is not the inborn feature, it is more about art

Start changing the space around

Stop live «cancer-recluse» has some things that suggest the presence of the men in your life. For example, buy a pair of men's slippers and put them in the hall - just in case. Or replace the narrow couch to a full double bed. All this will help to create the right energy around you. Allow yourself to think that very soon people will be in your life, which will need all these things.

Leave the situation

There is an interesting pattern - as soon as you let go of a particular situation in your life, then it can be solved by itself. And love is no exception. So stop looking at each pretty representative of the opposite sex the same one with whom you can spend the rest of life. Learn to enjoy the flirtation and courtship from, and once you do that, believe me, the man of your dreams immediately loomed on the horizon.