Intimate Mythology: popular misconceptions about SEX

11/28/2016 - 21:05
Intimate Mythology: popular misconceptions about SEX

In today's world a woman can do everything: make money, to cook, raise children and enjoy sex. But is it really? Blind faiths in another myth often face disappointment farfetched problems and new complexes. We asked our resident experts, well-known sex coach and founder of Network "Training Center" Catherine Strauss today to dispel popular misconceptions about sex and sexuality. Porn industry have created an image of the perfect gloss lady who (finally!) Began to love sex, and the more is the better. But biology is not subject of fashion, and in life, as in the past, women want to make love much less often than men. Scientists believe that all my fault low level of the hormone testosterone (10-20 times lower than that of the stronger sex), which is responsible for sex drive in both men and women. During its ovulation rate is increased, but even if it is much lower than that of the partner. Moreover, the female body produces its own "libido neutralizers," for example, the hormone prolactin. Its level is growing not only in the period of pregnancy and lactation, but also due to stress, sleep disorders, excessive exercise and even after sexual intercourse. If at such moments a desire to have sex tends to zero, it does not mean your failure, your body works just as nature intended.

MYTH 1: orgasm is not for everyone

Hyperograsm literally become a cult in recent years, giving rise to a lot of stereotypes about what women today enjoy a few times and reach the discharge almost from several partner moves. Under the pressure of millions of girls show clichés beloved theatrical performances in the tradition and convince their friends that getting an orgasm "or it is given, or not." In fact, every woman is able to have orgasms. But the main reason, "anorgasmia" lies in the banal lack of foreplay and insufficient duration of sexual intercourse - According to our research, such problems are experiencing almost 50% of women. In order to achieve the much desired vaginal orgasm, the average woman needs about half an hour to prepare and have not less than 10 minutes of continuous sexual intercourse. In addition, the likelihood of achieving orgasm affects the tone of the vaginal muscles, psychological condition, breathing rhythm, sensitive erogenous points. But fearing seem frigid, women prefer to simulate multiple orgasms, depriving themselves (and their men), full of fun.


The world continues to cultivate sex, and the industry is constantly offering new subjects pairs, gadgets and special courses. Everyone already knows what a "deep throat", fisting, rimming and bondage, but in reality little has changed. Being aware of fashion trends in sex, most people simply do not use them in the world, preferring to any experiments one-two standard postures and symbolic prelude. Needs normal couples and trends of popular culture are infinitely far from one another. Unlike the hero porn, behind any real human worth their complexes, units and installations, and love stories do not unfold in the Caribbean and on the background of working stress and everyday problems. Inconsistency fantasies realities of life adds fuel to the fire of dissatisfaction, beating last wish somehow to experiment in bed. And in vain! To pamper partner "something new", it is not necessary to have a porn star looks and your five-star hotel, your imagination is enough to examine a couple of tricks, or discover some new sex accessory. If you are really interested in relationships – keep reading our blog, new articles are coming almost every day.