Three ways to be happy

11/28/2016 - 21:06
Three ways to be happy

We are able to get by each day more fun. Our experts offer six methods, which help to be "here and now", feeling the joy and fullness of being. Developing a taste for life guaranteed! Go Slowly! Our way of life makes everything move faster. We suffer, but we cannot stop: we need to run further, to have time to do more and better. "In yoga, the feeling of life is very much related to what is happening to us here and now, - says Beth, yoga teacher in London Center" Iyana ". - To see the real world, surprise by its depth, it is necessary to learn how to stop. Not only physically - it is also important to learn to slow down your internal dialogue: constantly thinking about their actions, we fixate on useless experiences. In India, I met a lot of poor people who know how to enjoy the simplest things: the warm weather, smile. They seem to remind us that it is possible to notice and appreciate the feeling of life. "Let go" yourself, give yourself a chance to slow down and escape from the superficial. It does not require much effort: Wear comfortable clothes, go outside, look around, "switch off" the thoughts and feelings and just rejoice that the good that is happening to you now. "

Discover the beauty

"We used to live in our thoughts and anxieties that seem to veil obstruct us from reality, - says Barbara Garcia, art therapist, Head of the Centre arts. – While drawing, we focus on what we are doing on our movements, brushes, paints. We can move on a piece of paper thoughts, and can represent something that caught our attention; it came in response to our "I". Subsequently, it becomes our resource here we can draw strength and inspiration. For example, you see a beautiful tree on the street, and then you drew it. Every time I look at this sketch, you will return to your feelings and experiences and re-charging a positive, creative energy. "Drawing, we focus on what we are doing on your movements, brushes, paints. We can enter into resonance with our "I" "In this case, if you are not at all important, know how to draw, both in small simple line is the beauty, mystery, beauty, - continues Barbara Garcia. - Cherry blossoms, of course, fascinating, but unnoticed at first sight as beautiful petal ... The main thing is to paint and have fun. Each of us can create a lot with our own hands. The trainings we make cup: sculpt them out of clay, fired in the oven ... It turns warm, lively, a real cup. And drink from it is a pleasure every time we get the heat, the energy and joy that have invested in it at the moment of creation. "

Pay attention on funny things

"We, the adults, are often very serious and heavy, - says Anna Collins, author and host of the training" Laughter for the creativity of their lives" It is not often allow ourselves to go beyond the conventional and make cute, funny pranks: the bow tie, to surprise, to compose a poem. Relax, cease to control themselves and all around, behaving as children - many of us do not even know how to be nice sometimes frivolous ... Almost all of his actions, we analyze from the perspective of society. We do not see the little things we do not notice the ridiculous. We should learn to notice details, be easier to get rid of self-importance pressure. And finally see our own lives, to stay in it. A good joke tickles the mind; the world turns upside down and brings to light the hidden truth. If inwardly we are well and comfortable, it will be easier to catch the funny even in serious matters. " Our acquaintance with the world begins to touch hands, and tactile sensations forever remain a reliable source of information for us about the other person. Greeting, farewell, or congratulating each other, we hug.