Why do we love to brag about things?

11/28/2016 - 21:08
Why do we love to brag about things?

Often, in the eyes of others, we strive to look better than it actually is. Why is this so important - to prove to others that our partner is the most caring, most successful our career, and our house is always in the best place? We will try to understand the nature and boasting to distinguish between "being" and "sound" This was an important year for me. I threw a fine job on NBC, to go back to Chicago. He began to meet with his angel Jamie Holland. He began to practice yoga (thanks Jake Fischer and Pearlstein John!) and posted album with Matthew Johansson. I wrote another album that proud. I hover with Owen Wilson and worked on an amazing project with Will Ferrell. I talked with David Gregory about Barack Obama. She Danced. He joined the team at kickball. He won several awards ... ‘ So it is easy to mislead those who were aware of my dreams. Primarily - itself. And that's not even half of the post in Facebook, which is forwarded by mail to the American blogger Tim Urban of his girlfriend. According to Tim, the evening was hopelessly flawed. He read it several times before I realized the cause of his irritation: the most repulsive status in social networks dedicated to the author and do not carry anything joyful to those who read it.

Be a friend: IS THERE A friendship between a man and...

That is, in other words, bragging in special way. It can awaken dormant systems and destroy any relationship. I faced a lot of time with the bouncers, but for some reason never wondered why they do it? That brings to people's lives this way of communicating? By the nature of boasting I was indifferent until stumbled upon this article urban. Something in the post, which he quoted, gave me no peace until I found out that he reminds me of. My own statuses in social networks had the same rosy-sweet taste, and every word was to confirm the brilliance of my life and the complete absence in her everyday routine. By the way, something like that not so long ago I wrote the very day of the year. Then my status has collected more than fifty likes, and I even did not occur to think that someone my thoughts can bring discomfort or even cause anger in me. Quite the contrary - I was sure that my friends are sincerely happy for me, for my dream come true and achieved goals. Article Urbana forced to look at their behavior in a completely different light. And this light I liked less and less with each passing minute.

Hey, everybody, look how amazing I am!

In a new look to their posts in social networks over the past few years, I found that they all seemed to shout: "Look, at my delicious life!" - Interspersed with photographs from his travels, selfie with beloved man, dresses from the Moschino, jewelry and a fixture in "the happiest woman in the world" - a beautiful bouquet in the hatbox, and without them. Experts advise: "Brag, which makes you want to imitate, improve, change for the better is the most socially acceptable." Janet Smith, deputy general director of Intellectual Capital Consulting Company. I had not even guessed that my reflections on myself, my hasty rave positions after a wonderful holiday can bring someone from themselves. I was sure that my loving relationship with a man whom I recognized and then the feelings and thanked him for the incredible care, encourage people to improve their own relationship, teach patience and the ability to appreciate the love. Perhaps that is why I counted no less than hundreds of photos with your loved ones, and each is a sample idyll. I knew exactly what my friends share the joy of travel to the island, niche fragrances, new Prada shoes and a beautiful ring that I have received during the engagement. For most real friends are obliged is as they say, in sorrow and in joy.